Converse’s Surprise and Delight project

Converse is running a Surprise and Delight project to reward their fans on social media. They unexpectedly pick someone using the hashtag #converse and ask a talented artist to surprise them with a handmade gift.

This time Friso Blankevoort was asked to create a handmade gift for an Instagram user. He was given a budget and total artistic freedom.

"I was lucky enough to be asked by Converse to take part in the Surprise and Delight project: to create a surprise gift for MXDVS, based on an Instagram picture of him wearing Chucks. So I designed this 150 x 100 cm flag with embroidered icons that all refer to things that Max posted on social media."

Friso Blankevoort a.k.a. Freshco is a graphic designer and artist who, every now and then, can be found out in the wild with a spraycan. Clear lines, little jokes and minimalism make up his signature style. He also isn’t scared of real manual labor, which he then finishes digitally.