Illustrations for De Dakhaas

Bobbi Oskam has frequently been asked by Utrecht magazine De Dakhaas to do editorial illustrations. This is an overview for several of those editorial illustrations.

Last two images:

For the 'Tour de France' issue of Utrecht magazine De Dakhaas these two fullpage illustrations were made by Bobbi Oskam.
Because the Tour de France started in Utrecht in 2015, magazine De Dakhaas dedicated an entire issue to this event. In particular, these illustrations accompanied an article about the First Aid teams during cycling competitions.

Bobbi Oskam is a Utrecht based illustrator who graduated in 2014 at HKU Utrecht. His illustrations are quickly recognizable by his raw signature style and his almost compulsive drive to complete fill his canvas. Most of the times he draws his works by hand in black and white and the computer is only to fill in the colors.