Mural for Didi

Didi is rebranding a number of its stores and therefor Doeke and La Nonette were asked to do a black and white mural with a forest of animals. Doeke and La Nonette decided to work together and mix their styles into this beautiful end result.

Doeke van Nuil is an illustrator, printmaker, graphic designer and sometimes editor working under the name of Studio Doeke. He studied Illustration at Artez in Zwolle and more recently graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He likes to convert thoughts to images and uses humor, colors and strong characters to do so.

La Nonette is also an illustrator living in Utrecht and who studied Illustration at Artez in Zwolle. La Nonette: “I love drawing about the little things, because they tend to be the big things. My favorite colors are pink-red and mint green, my hair changes color a lot, my favorite food is pizza and I have a black cat named Angus”