Netflix ‘Hooked moment’

For Netflix we selected three of our artists to illustrate a press release by Netflix on the 'Hooked moment'. Friso Blankevoort, Levi Jacobs and Jip Piet created illustrations based on their favorite shows, in order: Fargo, Stranger Things and Narcos.

These were sent along with the press release in the Netherlands and Belgium, but were mainly meant to be implemented on Instagram. Originally created for the Netherlands these were picked up by the Netflix channels in Spain, Portugal and by the Dutch channel of Linda Magazine.

This is the contribution by Jip Piet. Jip Piet graduated the Royal Art Academy in The Hague this year with the Fine Arts Department Award under his arm, one of many prizes in his never ending winning streak. Since then he has, besides designing a lot of prints for his own clothing line, worked for media such as De Correspondent and Das Mag.